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Why buy a refurbished forklift?

We give to forklifts second chance

Our process of forklift recondition

We give to forklifts second chance, we offer the biggest choice of refurbished material handling equipment on the czech and slovakian market. Waiting time for brand new forklift is couple of months till one year. Our refurbished forklifts are on stock, immediatelly available and with a half price compared to new machine, and including warranty.

Refurbishment has 7 steps. Everything starts with very detailed testing, when we identify all faults, which should be fixed, and we make a list of worn out parts to be changed. Then forklift is going to our ecological jet wash, where is completelly cleaned up. In another step our professional mechanics are working on repairing of all the faults, which were found during check in exam and then forklift is going to paint shop to grinding and sealing before varnishing and painting. When the paint  is dry, machine is assembled and forklift is ready for check out test.

Examiner properly checks technical condition of the forklift, check all the functions of the forklift and will do check out test with full load. In our list we have forklifts in original condition as well, which can be refurbished on your request and have second chance too.

Choose your refurbished forklift today and we can deliver it tomorrow to you.

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