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Rental of forklift trucks

We rent machines of all capacities for various purposes

Telescopic handlers

  • Thanks to their telescopic arm, they allow the load to be handled both in height and in the forward direction
  • They are a universal solution for material handling on construction sites and in agriculture
  • Thanks to 4x4 drive and large wheels, they easily overcome uneven terrain

Work platforms

  • They are used for safe work at heights
  • We offer aerial platforms for rent, for various purposes and uses
  • We have articulated, scissor lifts and telescopic platforms
  • You can choose from electric and diesel drives

Rough terrain forklifts

  • They are designed for handling with cargo on rugged and unpaved surfaces
  • They can be used at festivals, contruction sites, in agriculture or forestry industry
  • Possibility of four-wheel drive with load capacity up to 4 tons
  • We offer for rent rough terrain forklifts of AUSA and JCB brnads

Counterbalanced forklifts

  • They are used in all areas of industry and trade
  • We have a choice of LPG, diesel and battery trucks
  • The widest choice of forklift trucks in the Czech Republic
  • We offer for rent forklifts of premium brands LINDE, TOYOTA, JUNGHEINRICH, STILL and others.

Big capacity forklifts

  • Ideal for handling excessive loads
  • The widest range of big capacity forklifts in the Czech Republic
  • We have a choice of LPG, diesel and battery forklifts
  • We offer for rent the biggest battery forklift in the Czech Republic with 7 t capacity and a diesel truck with 22 t capacity


  • They are particularly suitable for transporting and handling long loads
  • They are mainly used in the wood industry or metallurgical industry
  • We also offer four-way trucks that are more versatile and flexible than side trucks because they can move in all four directions
  • We offer sideloaders and four-way trucks of LINDE and COMBILIFT brands

Warehouse trucks

  • We offer solutions for all types of warehouses and all sorts of aisle racks
  • Forklifts with lifting heights up to 12 meters
  • We offer various types of trucks, such as reach trucks, 3-way stackers, order pickers, stackers and pallet trucks
  • We have LINDE, BT, JUNGHEINRICH and STILL brands

Special equipment

  • What a regular forklift can`t do, our special equipment will handle
  • We offer swivel manipulators, container forklifts, 3-way stackers, drive-in reach trucks and other special machines
  • We will find a solution for any situations and customer needs

Forklift attachments

  • We are able to mount various attachments onto forklifts, according to your requirements.
  • Common part of forklifts are side-shifts or fork positioners.
  • We also offer for rent fork extensions, crane jibs, forklift man cages, rotators, hydraulic buckets and more.

Rent term

We will meet your time needs as much as possible

Short-term rent

from 1 up to 60 days
  • Festivals and sporting events
  • Moving and assembly
  • Assistance on construction sites
  • Replacement for your broken machine

Long-term rent

Two months and longer
  • Warehouses and logistics centers
  • Production facilities
  • Replacement for your broken machine


Immediate delivery
Immediate delivery
Easy transportation
Fuel procurement
Fast service


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