Forklift selection guide

We will advise you how to choose the right forklift quickly and easily! Just select the answers to the following 5 questions.

Where do you plan to operate the forklift?

Battery drive is best suited for the indoor operation of the forklift
Indoor operation
For outdoor use, a diesel-powered truck is best suited. Video:
Outdoor operation
For partially indoor and outdoor operation, LPG is the most suitable type.
Mixed operation

What is the weight of the cargo you want to handle?

The weight and size of the load are crucial for selecting the correct forklift capacity. Therefore, check the maximum weight of the loadyou will need to handle.
Note that other factors, such as length of the load and required lifting height, also affect the capacity of the forklift. If the load is longer than 1 meter to the front of the forks, this will reduce the load capacity of the forklift, and a higher capacity forklift is needed. We will be happy to consult you.
What is the weight of the cargo you want to handle?

What is the lifting height you need?

Simply determine the exact height of the highest point where you need to lift your cargo to, and add 100 mm (pallet height).
What is the lifting height you need?

What is the maximum overall height of the forklift?

Overall height of the truck is also important. Check how high are your doors, gates, ceilings or other places, where the truck is supposed to drive and where problems with height may occur.
An important element is the so-called free lift. If the forklift is equipped with free lift, then overall height of the mast will not be changing, while lifting up to approximately 1.5 m.
What is the maximum overall height of the forklift?

What type of forklift to choose?

Are suitable for mixed (indoor and outdoor) operation
Four-wheeled counterbalanced trucks
Four-wheeled and three-wheeled counterbalanced trucks are suitable for indoor operation.
Three-wheeled counterbalanced trucks
Rough terrain trucks or telescopic manipulators are suitable for off-road use.
Rough terrain forklifts
They are best suited for work in racking storage systems
Reach trucks
A good choice if you need to work in a very limited space
For handling long materials such as timber, rods, battens, beams

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